Thursday, October 11, 2012

Calculating thermal cell injury

Calculation of temperature dependent the cell survival rate next to radiofrequency electrode
The Arrhenius formulation can be used to calculate time dependent thermal damage in biological tissues:
where S (%) is the cell survival, T (K) is the heating temperature, t (s) is the time k is the injury rate, E_a (kJ mol-1) is the activation energy, A (s-1) is the frequency factor and R (8.314 J mole-1K-1) is the universal gas constant.  The image above is from a project where I calculated cell survival fraction during a radiofrequency treatment in liver tissue. It shows one time frame of the recorded temperature via infrared camera (left) and the calculated survival rate as well as the temperature history at the marked area next to the electrode (right).
The Python script to calculate cell survival can be found at:

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