Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tkinter OpenGL application

Screenshot of the Togl application LIMIT. The whole GUI application was written in Python
Togl is a Tk OpenGL widget for GPU rendering. I've read several postings where people ask about Togl and recent 64bit windows versions. People are looking for it due to its compatibility to Python's standard GUI library Tkinter. Most the people responding recommended to switch to a more recent GUI toolkit with OpenGL support such as PyQt or wxpython since Tkinter is too much "old fashion" and Togl is not maintained very well thus kind of dead. I personally disagree that Tkinter is "old fashion" and it almost hurts my feelings because it is such a easy to use library, there are ways to give Tkinter a modern look (e.g. with Tile) and Tkinter with Togl is just a great and powerful visualization tool! Well it is true that Togl for Python might be not a 100% up to date but it is not dead! There is professional software out there that uses Tkinter with Togl for 3D visualization. The image shows a professional OpenGL application entirely written in Python using Tkinter and Togl. This is a software for generating fatigue assessments for mechanical structures. It allows 3D view manipulation and interactions.


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