Tuesday, October 9, 2012

3D CAD software FreeCAD

Screen shot of the 3D modeling software FreeCAD
Today I tested the CAD software FreeCAD. It is a free, open-source modelling software to design industrial and mechanical parts. It does not provide all fancy design features that can be found in CATIA or ProEngineer but simple parts can be created. This is a great tool for someone who wants to make their first experiences with 3D modeling software! Tutorials of how to get started can be found on youtube.



  1. I want to learn solidworks on my own, and I'm searching for the best tutorial on the market.. I want something that will walk me through. From the very beginning to a professional finished product.. Do you have experience with any tutorials? If so, did you like it?. . Thanks!!.

    Solidworks Training

    1. Hi. I had some SW experience in school but I am definitely not an expert with that program. Honestly I don't know what the best platform for (free) SW tutorials is, but I would try youtube. For FreeCAD there is a bunch of tutorials online but not so sure about SW.

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